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Technology Assessments


Whether you are fixing a problem or evaluating the implementation of a new technology, changes to your current environment can be more impactful if you have a clear understanding of your IT operations and processes – and how effectively your existing technology supports your business and goals. Let TAT Inc. help you make the first step to ensuring that the decisions you make around technology will support and foster your business.

Begin with the End in Mind
TAT Inc. will perform an in-depth, hands-on IT assessment is that delivers a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the current state of your infrastructure – and will examine how your business is using that technology today.
Utilizing industry-leading tools, physical inspections, and our 26 years of experience with IT service and business knowledge, We will analyze your firm’s existing infrastructure, and technology investments and conduct interviews with business stakeholders to:
• Establish a thorough understanding of the current state of your IT operations
• Detail how well your technology support your business use and goals
• Measure the impact of new or different technology solutions

A Roadmap for Success
Once the business and technology assessments are completed, our consultants develop and present a detailed set of written recommendations that help you:
• Prioritize, plan, and budget technology implementations and changes for maximum impact
• Implement technology changes that provide measurable business benefits (productivity, performance, cost- and time-efficiencies, and data security)
• Ensure that your systems are in line with industry standard best practices