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Windows Servers are the backbone for most businesses today and if you are a small to mid-sized business (SMB) from 4 to 75 employees, then chances are you already own or are looking to purchase your own server. This allows you to own your own equipment, share documents easily and locally with other users, host databases and groupware, as well as your own website and intranet. servers-maint2

A server purchase is probably the biggest technology investment that you will make, something you’ll live with for the next half decade But the options available to you and the solutions you must evaluate are daunting, especially if you are not well-versed in this technology. A server purchase is a huge investment that will be with you for years – don’t regret your purchase because you don’t understand your options or don’t ask the right questions.

At TAT Inc, we understand that this is an overwhelming situation, and we want to make it easy for you to purchase a quality, reliable server that offers room for your business to grow, and provides the safety and redundancy of trustworthy back-ups. Let an experienced team of professionals from TAT come and evaluate your office. We’ll discuss where you are now, and where you see yourself in the future. We’ll consult with you on the operating system that will meet your needs best, remote desktop applications, RAID controller capabilities, as well as the option to upgrade the server years into your purchase. You’ll be provided with a professional and easy to understand quote tailored to your own business environment.

And if your work stations are approaching their end-of-life cycle, let us get you the full package deal of office equipment. Just like our servers, we tailor each work station with branded high-end parts to ensure a long life span. All of our products, from servers to work stations submit to a rigorous stress test and hours of evaluation before they even leave our shop. We have a stringent quality checklist that is applied to each product in an effort to provide you with the best equipment possible. And should something still manage to fail, we offer a comprehensive warranty.

When you set up a server and add workstations, you need to make sure that you have a network and it is configured properly. TAT Inc offers a full array of network design, administration, installation and support as well as security monitoring. Whether you are a home user with two computers, to a multi-state virtual office with multiple server arrays and work stations, your network is designed with careful input from you and we strive to align the appropriate technology to your goals and needs.

Once deployed, maintaining a Windows Server environment is vitally important. We ensure that you keep patched, protected, and backed-up on a regular basis. We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This server management is just another part of our ongoing IT services and support.

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Now that you purchased a server why you must maintain it.

There are many benefits of server maintenance as they help you to ensure the safety of your system. The selection of the proper service for your service maintenance plan is very important.  TAT’s experts will be able to perform the work

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