Server Maintenance

Regular Server Maintenance / Avoiding Server Problems Before They Arise

 Maintenance of the server is critically important for any business company who has a server. The server is the main part of the network system as contains or controls all user security, data, IIS, e-mail as well as many other functions, It also connects all PC’s to each other in the network. Any damage to the server will stop company work processes and the interaction between other computers present in the network. This might also result in loss of important data. In most cases the server has all the data and information which is shared to the other computers. Losing of valuable data is unaffordable to any company. For this reason, server maintenance is very essential for the safety of your business and to avoid loss of data.img_19

There are many benefits of server maintenance as they help you to ensure the safety of your system. The selection of the proper service for your service maintenance plan is very important.  TAT’s experts will be able to perform the work and resolve your problems with ease while not being heavy on the pocket. Your need for server support or server maintenance is especially important if you have an internet connection in your office as your systems are more vulnerable to virus, spyware and malware attacks. It is also important to check for updates and non-released updates on regular basis.

Proper maintenance of the server will also increase the life span of your system and will ensure fast working. One should also remove all the unwanted data at regular intervals as accumulation of such data will just make your server pc work slow. Thus for all these purposes having a proper server maintenance service becomes

Regular server preventative maintenance is an excellent way for businesses who do not have an IT administrator on site to ensure not only that file servers are running at optimal performance, but also to spot potential problems before they arise, thereby reducing costly downtime.

How Does Preventative Maintenance Work?

Typically, TAT, Inc.’s technicians performs a series of exercises outside of normal office hours, so as to avoid impacting server performance when users are logged in. The kind of tasks undertaken are agreed with the client beforehand and usually include the following:

  • Hard disk check & rectification as required
  • Backup system check / rectification as required
  • IIS security and scanning
  • Exchange security and operations
  • Operating system patch check plus installation and server reboots as necessary
  • Anti-Virus software check and status report if relevant
  • Event log check plus investigation of errors found
  • Completion of further agreed works

When a server preventative maintenance agreement forms part of a wider IT Service Contracts,  TAT, Inc.  recommends that one of our consultants attends on site every six months and performs additional tasks, such as test restore of the data backup.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Server Preventative Maintenance?

Usually, 2-3 hours per month per server is sufficient to cover the time necessary for effective server preventative maintenance on a single Small Business Server. However, in some cases, maintenance times might exceed 5 hours where a server has not had the benefit of regular housekeeping and maintenance in the past.

Preventative Maintenance for networked PCs

As with all computers, Personal Computers (PCs) or Workstations also do suffer from a loss of performance if not updated and maintained. TAT, Inc. can instigate a regime of providing regular updates and housekeeping tasks, such as disk checks, anti-virus checks and defragmentation on a scheduled basis. If you'd like to implement regular, routine maintenance on your computer network's PCs, we'll be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

TAT, Inc.  Offers a full range of IT support services

No two businesses are identical, so we don't believe the "one size fits all" approach works when it comes to business IT support contracts. Instead, we've tailored our own IT support offerings to be modular in fashion, so you can mix and match the specific IT support services that are most suitable to your business.

From telephone help-desk and remote IT support to on-site PC maintenance and network troubleshooting, TAT, Inc. can cater for your computer system and staff's support needs by offering any combination of the following:

  • Telephone IT Support Help-desk
  • Remote Access Computer Support
  • Hardware Support Contracts
  • Server Preventative Maintenance
  • Instant IT Support