On premise or hosted e-mail solutions

TAT_email-GraphicOften times, your e-mail is your first “introduction” to a prospective client. It is your interaction and your life-line with the world and it is one of the most important IT investments that you can make today.

Your current solution may not be meeting all your needs, and you may not even know it. You may not be utilizing all the benefits and features of your current system. Let an experienced team of professionals from TAT come and evaluate your office. Did you know that you can coordinate employee schedules with shared calendars or manage group projects with document collaboration tools? Did you know that you can sync your email, contacts, calendars and tasks so you can work from home? All this and more is possible with the right tools, and can increase productivity to your bottom line. We’ll work with you and the core members of your team to determine the definitive needs of your business. You’ll understand the different benefits and amenities of each solution as well as the costs associated and receive our best recommendations.

Regardless of the type of new system you choose to implement, the migration of your e-mail data is clean and down time limited. In most cases, e-mail migrations take place over the weekend or after hours to ensure minimal loss of productivity.

Whether you are looking to simply upgrade your current equipment, implement an exchange server, or go to the cloud, TAT Inc is your ideal business partner.

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Common e-mail Q&A’s:

Q: What is the difference between POP3, IMAP4, and Microsoft Exchange?
A: Microsoft Exchange’s biggest advantage over older technologies, like POP and IMAP, is that your e-mail, calendar and contact information is the same on all devices you use to access it. This means mail sent from your mobile phone shows up in the Sent folder in Outlook or Entourage.

Q: What are the benefits of hosting my own e-mail service?
A: Hosting your own e-mail solution means you control its physical location. Hosting it on your own server is helpful for a variety of reasons:
Because outside vendors don’t need to be involved, hosting your own solution gives your IT service provider more control in tracking down and resolving issues quickly.
Inter-office e-mail does not consume your internet bandwidth so you receive less traffic on your internet connection from all the e-mails between employees
You’re able to back up and recover e-mail data on your own terms and in accordance with your own internal policies. This is particularly important for professional service businesses that must comply with industry and government regulations.
You can work with your IT service provider to create flexible e-mail policies, like how often people will archive, size of mailbox and so on, to best suit your specific business needs.
Your IT service provider can provide you with search results across all employees. For example, when you are searching for all email communications to/from a specific client to across all of your employees.

Q: How do I connect to my e-mail when I’m out of the office or on another computer?
A: With the correct set up, the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook and Entourage and all smartphone e-mail applications allow for secure connection to your e-mail from anywhere. If you don’t have access to your computer or mobile device, most e-mail systems also allow for browser- or Internet-based connections called web-mail.

Q: how can I ensure my e-mail is secure?
A: With the correct set up, the connection between your computer and mobile device should always be secure. All the e-mail technologies can leverage SSL, the same technology used to secure websites, like those used for online banking.

Q: Is there any way to reduce the amount of SPAM I receive?
A: Managing Exchange servers and reducing SPAM is one of our specialties. Using one of many anti-spam solutions that fit your budget and the configuration you have, it’s possible to eliminate up to 90% of your SPAM or more.