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Smart Phone Communications

Make the Technology Work for You
Smart phone integration is about being "in the office" even when you're out of the office. Being completely available anytime and anywhere. But you’ll need the right technology to instantly access vital information, be it email, files or apps. Use your Windows, iPhone or Android as your lifeline to the data you need. But your technology has to be properly configured and coordinated and that’s where TAT can assist you. We have been pioneers in PDA and smartphone collaboration from the very beginning .

Using today’s solutions

Here are some of the connectivity options for Smartphones:

  • Company appointment calendars.
  • E-mail
  • Audio- and video-conferencing
  • Access to files and applications on resident computers
  • Site-to-site extension direct dialing
  • And much more...

Call us today to find out how easily and affordably you can be "dialed in" to your key information and people from anywhere in the world.