Dan’L W. Bridges, Partner

As a law firm, reliable computer systems and the preservation of our data are not simply critical, it would be impossible to do business without them. That said, I cannot think of a better recommendation than to say TAT has been our exclusive IT provider for over ten years and we cannot imagine working with anyone else. No problem is too big or too small; Troy brings the same level of effort and professionalism to every issue an their ethics in business are beyond reproach. In addition to the obvious work of maintaining our systems, TAT is an amazing resource for any technical problem and has provided us emergency phone support for computers, peripherals, phones and other items that we need to make our business go. TAT is more than an IT provider, they are in a very real sense a partner in keeping our doors open and our employees functioning

Dan Murphy, President

To those who wish to trust their technology: My name is Dan Murphy, broker and partner in Timeshare Liquidation Service, LLC. We have been in continual operation since 1994 in Redmond, WA. Since we first met Troy Thompson in 2005, my firm has employed Troy and his company, TAT Inc., to advise, source and manage our computer, telephone and web platforms. He had come highly recommended from other firms where he had provided similar services and it didn’t take us long to appreciate just how good Troy is. As a small, specialty realty firm we had gone through a long series of poorly designed networks and websites which seemed to NEVER work as advertised. Many times we despaired over the continual breakdowns and inefficiencies that resulted from these failures. From the day Troy completed installing his first servers on our network, life became dramatically easier. With his guidance, we changed out all of our servers, workstations, and telephone equipment over a period of 18 months. We have moved from fearing our technology to marveling at how wonderful life can be for us and our clients when we could forget about our technology and focus on the services we provide. We trust Troy implicitly for anything technology related. You can count on Troy to give you terrific service, competitive pricing, and peace of mind. In 7 years we have not had a single incident when Troy was unable to assist us promptly and directly. You can trust Troy and TAT Inc. to do the right thing for you just as they have for us.

Debora Dunlap, Partner.

have had the pleasure of working with TAT, Inc. and mostly directly with Troy Thompson for the past 17+ years through our law firm computer needs. This has encompassed acquisition and training of all our computer equipment needs from company servers to individual PC's and software, to computer forensic work to even my personal requests for home computer needs and phone needs. Troy has been incredible to work with from his 24/7 apparent availability, remote access and assistance for all business and computer needs, to putting in critical equipment, software and whatever we need on emergent or planned basis. He has always been conscious of our business, security and function needs and at the most economical way to assist us. With his and TAT Enterprises, Inc. assistance we are confident in the operation of our business in as secure, expeditious, and efficient, cost effective manner as possible. They have always been there when we needed any amount of small assistance or have been in a huge crisis. They are completely dependable and trustworthy. And, though Troy can make my eyes glassy within 45 seconds of the start of some of his IT explanations, he reduces the language to something I can understand and I have recommended him to anyone asking and even unsolicited for IT and forensic work. It is my hope that Troy does not retire before I do, so my law firm and I can always continue to rely upon him and TAT Enterprises, Inc.

Annette, A&D Quality Construction Co.

TAT, Inc. is an amazing company. Our company contracted with TAT to install phone systems and wiring services for multiple jobs, both commercial and residential. TAT always arrives early for every appointment, ready to work. Each job they performed, had superior workmanship and completed a head of schedule. Another special attribute that our company loves about them, is TAT always follow-up to make sure that the customer is satisfied. We love them and will only hire them again..again.. and again.

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