COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly and we are monitoring this volatile situation very closely. At TAT, Inc we want to make sure our customers and employees stay safe through these difficult times and we understand that you want the same for yours. TAT understands that our clients may require additional support as they relocate employees and business partners to work remotely in safer environments. We want our family of clients to know that we are available to assist throughout this trying process and we are striving to make it as stress free as possible.

Please know that at this time, TAT will maintain normal business hours, but this is subject to change based on the health and well-being of our staff. It is important to note that we will not be offering in-person appointments until the danger of this pandemic has passed however, we will continue to offer remote support, phone and email support as well as video conferencing as needed.

We wish you all the best and we look forward to continuing to work with you!

Stay safe and healthy,


Technology. Love it or hate it, you probably wouldn’t be able to run your business without it, always ask these questions before you switch or start your search for a new IT providerYou are making a serious decision, take your time..


Windows Servers are the backbone for most businesses today and if you are a small to mid-sized business (SMB) from 4 to 75 employees, then chances are you already own or are looking to purchase your own server. This allows you to own your own equipment, share documents easily and locally with other users, host databases and groupware, as well as your own website and intranet.

IT Service

& Support
Finding reliable, ongoing computer repair services and computer consulting for your equipment at the office is challenging – regardless of whether it’s a network, server, desktop, or laptop. The benefits of custom service, only when you need it….


Sometimes having your own server isn’t feasible. Your business depends on software like Exchange, SharePoint, or QuickBooks but don’t want the stress that owning this technology creates? What are your options? The advancements in technology today allow you to enjoy the benefits of all these options and more with cloud services and hosted solutions. But which one is for you?

Our Services

  • PC Design & Support
    Creating the highest quality PC’s for the workplace or home utilizing only today's’ hottest technology and state-of-the-art components that have a proven track record of dependability; your new machine will increase productivity substantially while outlasting the competition.
  • Tablet computing
    Harnessing the flexibility of tablet computing allows you to exploit the benefits of mobility for today’s on-the-go-user. Utilize your business network and applications remotely. Combine flexibility, convenience, ease of use and security in perfectly portable package; tablets give businesses the power to do more.
  • Technology Services
    Utilizing only state-of-the-art components of the highest quality that have a proven track record of dependability guarantees your equipment will have a longer life, lower maintenance costs and less down time.

  • Virtual Office
    The biggest advantages of setting up virtual workplaces are the cost savings for both the employer and employees. By allowing more workers to telecommute, companies can reduce the amount of works space they need and it also reduces the resources needed to support these employees. 
  • Smart Phones
    Smart phone integration is about being "in the office" even when you're out of the office. Be completely available anytime anywhere. You need the right technology to instantly access vital information, be it email, files or apps. Use your iPhone, Windows or Android as your lifeline to the data you need.
  • Network Design & Security
    Let us help you design your local or wide area network; evaluate, test or troubleshoot your existing network. We can also show you how using intelligent solutions are taking security to the next level by protecting your network and sensitive data from outside threats.

Our testimonials

Dan’L W. Bridges, Partner "As a law firm, reliable computer systems and the preservation of our data are not simply critical, it would be impossible to do business without them. That said, I cannot think of a better recommendation ....."

Dan Murphy, President "To those who wish to trust their technology: My name is Dan Murphy, broker and partner in Timeshare Liquidation Service, LLC. We have been in continual operation since 1994 in Redmond, WA. Since we first met Troy Thompson in 2005, my firm has employed Troy and his company, TAT Inc., ...."

Debora Dunlap, Partner "I have had the pleasure of working with TAT Enterprises, Inc. and mostly directly with Troy Thompson for the past 11+ years through our law firm computer needs. This has encompassed acquisition and training of all our computer equipment needs....."