E-mail Archiving

Did you know that it is estimated that approximately 210 billion emails are sent daily? And that number grows exponentially yearly! There isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t use email in some form or fashion, and for some businesses, managing the volume of email sent and received can be a real headache.

TAT Inc will help you implement a plan for email security and archiving that will secure your email, preserve your existing email and make accessing them easier, enhance your operational efficiencies, and make you compliant with current standards.

Spam mail is probably the most notorious problem maker, clogging your in-box and carrying viruses, worms and other forms of malware that could cripple your business if accidentally installed. TAT Inc, can help keep you current on the most effective filters and anti-virus and malware software out there so you don’t have to worry.

E-mail archiving is vital for multiple reasons, just a few of which are disaster recovery, retaining important customer information, and legal or evidential requirements. It also offloads massive storage requirements from your server allowing you to function faster and cleaner.

ask us about e-mail compliance laws that may apply to your business