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Outsourcing your IT Services

Finding reliable, ongoing computer repair services and computer consulting for your equipment at the office is challenging – regardless of whether it’s a network, server, desktop, or laptop.

The benefits of custom service, only when you need it.

Most small and mid-sized business (SMB’) don’t have the budget to keep a fully staffed IT department on board. That would certainly be ideal in handling workload spikes or emergencies, but the dilemma of maintaining a budget for such a department and finding qualified individuals to run it are often not in-line with the real world. Often you will find SMB’s relying on a “power user” for basic needs, but when a challenge comes up, they find themselves hurting for a solution.01

TAT Inc.’s staff of qualified technicians ensures that your business maintains status quo while we correct technical problems. By offering remote support, phone consultation and on-site professional aid, you are assured of immediate assistance for any problem that may arise. Let us be your consultant on how to streamline your network, support your technology solutions and teach you how to maximize the tools you currently have.

Outsourcing your IT solutions to TAT Inc replaces a high IT overhead with a team of qualified technicians dedicated to your success – but only when you need us.

Each member of our team at TAT, INC. possesses an ideal mix of professional experience and outstanding technology expertise. We deliver services in a friendly, straightforward manner. We resolve your technical issues and then take the time to explain what happened and provide advice on how you can adjust your behavior or install new software prevent similar problems in the future.

We focus on providing our clients with high-quality, timely IT support and computer consulting including network analysis, system repair services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.