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Hosted & Cloud services

Sometimes having your own server isn’t feasible, even though moving to the cloud may be the latest trend, cloud computing isn’t for everyone. How do you know cloud solutions is right for you and your business? Your business depends on software like Exchange, SharePoint, or QuickBooks but don’t want the stress that owning this technology creates? What are your options? The advancements in technology today allow you to enjoy the benefits of all these options and more with cloud services and hosted solutions. But which one is for you?

Cloud-HostingCloud Services is the latest “buzz” in technology, but really, it’s been around for a long time. Think of applications like Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn. But Cloud Services is so much more than photo storage or e-mail communications. It’s a set of pooled computer resources with access delivered via the internet. It’s available anywhere you can hook up. With the cloud, you are up and running in minutes, and you scale it to your immediate needs. It does not require a huge outpouring of capital, but rather offers “pay as you go pricing”. You are able to adjust immediately to new and possibly unforeseen demands.
A hosted solution allows you to rent space from a responsible, reliable data center who will provide you will a stable and safe solution for operating systems, networks, data storage and back-up, server and exchange solutions as well as managed databases. Just to name a few benefits available! You’ll never have to worry about a hardware investment, maintenance, equipment management and upgrades. Your data is private and protected. Now you can focus on what’s important: running your business.